Flexible production
at large scale.

Robotic Digital Manufacturing

Full circle production with one robot.

Our Extruder

Unmatched performance with the best in class weight to output ratio.
We use FGM (fused granulate manufacturing) to build big components fast.
Made to the highest Swiss standards to extrude a wide range of polymers with fiber content up to 40%.
Paired with our proprietary shut-off module and wide range of nozzles creating large-scale parts consistent, and quickly has never been this easy.

Our milling tool

Making perfect parts possible. The ying to our extruder's yang.
Additive manufacturing is great, but sometimes you need to also remove material. For creating critical flat surfaces, drilling precise holes, achieving the perfect surface finish, and kissing parts into tolerance.  Combined with our robots arms - unthought of design possibilities are now within reach. Our milling setup is the companion to our additive system that enables our machines to be truly universal.


Making a port is not where it ends.
From spraying release agents. gelcoats, to sanding, or to even insert components into a print during fabrication.
We are building our platform to support these processes as we scale up.

Coming soon...


Automated quality control
Our vision is to provide a manufacturing solution from a to z. Checking that the part is up to spec both during and after fabrication is just one part. This means we can 'close the loop' and provide a digital twin that has immediate and long lasting use. We aren't just talking Industry 4.0, but making it happen.

Our solution will include an integrated, automated 3D scanning package and other inspection tools.

Coming soon...
Our team is here to help. We can answer any question you have, from the tools and materials for RDM, to our software and production platform.
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